Nature at Pendeford Mill Wolverhampton

Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve

To describe the 60 acres of Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve as a hidden gem really wouldn’t do it justice – it is an astonishingly beautiful plot of English countryside where nurturing and protecting wildlife takes priority over anything else.

Scores of school children from the city and further afield enjoy trips to this haven which is tucked away just outside Wolverhampton’s boundary in South Staffordshire. It is also a place where wildlife trusts, academics and people who appreciate the wonders of natural habitats come to study an array of British wildlife.

You can easily lose yourself for hours among the ancient meadows and woodland, which are home to pools, a river and the remains of Pendeford Mill.

Among the woodland is an impressive Yew tree which experts have dated back to 2,000 years old. The tree is also home to a rare species of bat. Nearby are towering Oak trees – a little younger at around 400-years-old.   

A stunning pool with its own island, the fish-filled River Penk and the chance to spot rare birds, badgers, plants and marvellous mini-beasts make Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve a very, very special spot indeed.