Northycote Farm - main building

About Northycote Farm and Country Park

Northycote Farm is a Tudor farmhouse, which was built around 1600, and was owned for many generations by the Underhill family. The farm later became part of the Moseley Court Estate.

Later it was owned by the Whitgreave family and during the First World War the farm was used to keep ‘war’ horses, which were then sent into action on the Flanders battlefields.

The farm had its own chapel up until 1920. A beautiful herb garden, looked after by The Friends of Northycote Farm, is now on the site of the chapel, which was pulled down in 1922.

Northycote was run by tenant farmers up until the early 1980s. Wolverhampton City Council bought it in 1978. When the last tenants retired in 1983 the council renovated the buildings turning Northycote into a working farm for everyone to enjoy. The farmhouse isn’t always open so please check on our events page for dates when the Friends of Northycote Farm organise tours.