Northycote Farm - main building

Northycote Farm and Country Park Animals and Wildlife

We are a working farm so it is a round-the-clock operation looking after our livestock as well as managing the 90 acres, which surround the farm buildings. In spring we are lambing and in the summer it’s haymaking. In the autumn we usually have a fresh litter of piglets to look after and it the winter we bed the animals down.

Northycote is a traditional farm with chickens, geese and ducks roaming around our enclosures, we have sheep in our fields and then we’ve got some lovely old breed pigs who happily wallow in mud!

There is so much wildlife here. We’ve got cameras on our bird feeders so from the comfort of the café you can keep an eye on what’s happening in one of our orchards. The meadowland is home to wildflowers, a huge variety of insects, bats, moths and butterflies.