Phoenix Park

From an industrial landscape to an established green space Phoenix Park has risen from its mining past and become a place for you can stretch your legs and enjoy some great exercise.

History has it that Wolverhampton Wanders FC started playing on land near to where the park is now, just off Wanderers Avenue, and played there up until 1889.

Looking at the lovely green space of Phoenix Park today it’s hard to imagine its industrial past – for hundreds of years it was a coalmine until becoming a park for the people of Blakenhall in the 1960s.

Today its is full of free fitness facilities, walking paths, as well as a sensory garden, lavender maze, a children’s play area, ampitheatre and a BMX track.   

You can join in on a Walking for Health programme and when you want a rest there’s some cool seating near the park’s entrance just a stroll away from the car park.